Arnas D



Click Records, Last Night On Earth, Perspectives Digital

Arnas D is one of the most successful Lithuanian progressive house and tech house producers.
The creator of distinctive sound spends 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in the studio. Purpose and result achieved by Arnas D: perfect product of the highest standard. The producer works together with such Lithuanian house stage lions as Kastis Torrau and Donatello in the studio.
The creator won against more than 1000 competitors from all over the word and won the competition Next Producer Star organized by BURN (energy drink) with Beatport in 2011. The winning brought the ambitious producer to the studio of legendary Sasha. Smoke Cone, the joint work of the creators, was born here. The track reached the 5th place in the Beatport top.
Remix of Sasha – Cut Me Down made by Arnas D is still popular and it reached over 2 million views on YouTube.
Productions of Arnas D is played by such DJs as Armin Van Buren, Sasha, Henry Saiz, Sharam, Nick Warren and Darin Epsilon. Works of the producer are published by such publishers as Last Night on Earth, Click Records, Stripped Recording, and Perspectives Digital.
The DJ performed on the same stage with Guy J, Henry Saiz, Phonique, 16 Bit Lolitas in the clubs. “He will go far,“ such future is anticipated by the world’s authorities of clubs stage for Arnas D.