Rachelle Grooten

Email: clickagencyamsterdam@gmail.com


Click Records

My obsession / love for music started already at an early age.When I grew older, I became interested in electronic music and developed myself in this area and in 2009 I had my first performance. I experienced that music was the key to communication with myself when I saw ‘Trentemoller’ performing live accompagnied with a band. I felt really connected to the music he made. I got a lot of creative ideas and it inspired me to develop my own style. ‘Trentemoller’ has been really important for me in creating my own sound.
What I like about producing, is translating my deepest feeling towards a sound that touches me and others. What I like in this is to combine obscure sounds with lovely and warm ones. The mysterious result from this combination describes my owne style in the best way. I like to develop myself in this area and acquire more knowledge about putting these styles together.
My style can be put in the genres: Deephouse, Progressive, Melodic & melancholy